Arby’s has always had the meats, and now they have a Sonic-themed kids’ meal

Arby's Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If cheesy roast beef sandwiches were not already enough for you to be constantly barging into your friendly neighborhood Arby’s, then I don’t know what to tell ya, but perhaps Sega of America’s latest promotion will sway you over to the light side. Just ahead of the full marketing campaign for the upcoming movie, the Blue Blur’s parent company is granting Arby’s the honor of packing in Sonic the Hedgehog disc toys with its kids’ meals between December 1 of this year and February 29 of next–or is Arby’s granting Sega the honor of sharing bag space with its glorious, meaty wonders? It’s hard to tell.

In a press release, Ivo Gerscovich, vice president of Sega of America, spoke on the partnership:

We love working with partners who get us, and Arby’s does. They’ve done a great job with the Game On Kids Meal to integrate content and encourage collectability. We look forward to delighting fans and new audiences via this program as Sonic races into a landmark year ahead!

If Arby’s just totally isn’t your thing but mobile games are, then don’t worry–this promotion has a peripheral benefit with you in mind. An in-app promotion for Sonic Dash rewards players who download or update the game during the fast food frenzy with fifty red star rings, which can be utilized to unlock extra characters and items in-game.

If you hate Arby’s and mobile games, then, well, you’re out of luck, sorry.

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