Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition brings RPG goodness to Switch in March

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition release date Match Nintendo Switch Dangen Entertainment Stegosoft Games

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Stegosoft Games are bringing Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition to all platforms on March 26 in both English and Japanese for $14.99. This RPG with really attractive and classic pixel art draws clear inspiration from Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy, and it originally released for Steam in 2016. Now, Enhanced Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Surely you have access to one of those? Take a look at the trailer and admire its old-school RPG vibe.

Admittedly, from watching the Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition trailer, I could tell almost immediately that the game had originally been built with RPG Maker. (I spent hundreds of hours with RPG Maker 2003 in high school.) Nonetheless, this appears to be the rare case of a game made in RPG Maker that isn’t crap. Switch owners will find out for sure next month.

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition promises genuine exploration in its gameplay, with jumping, crawling, swimming, and even flying all involved. Also, apparently most of the game world is available to explore right off the bat, with the caveat that you had better be strong enough to survive tougher enemies. Crafty exploration will enable players to access high-level gear earlier and thus persevere in those higher-danger areas. It’s a pretty slick idea, and I’d say that it borrowed these concepts from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, except that Ara Fell released a year before that game!

What do you think of this unique offering from Stegosoft Games and Dangen Entertainment?


John Friscia
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