Apex Legends Switch performance & resolution explained ahead of launch

Apex Legends Switch performance

Apex Legends launches on Nintendo Switch later today, and up until now, we have had very few details regarding the game’s performance. Apex Legends¬†is a game all about movement and precise aiming, so good performance is crucial to having the most optimal experience. In an interview with Famitsu (via Eurogamer), Apex Legends‘ game director and the developers at Panic Button spoke about the game on Switch.

You may recognize Panic Button from its work on other high-profile Nintendo Switch ports such as Doom and its sequel Doom Eternal. The team is extremely talented at porting often graphically demanding games to the hybrid console, which we explain more in our Doom Eternal review.¬†Apex Legends‘ game director, Chad Grenier, alongside Panic Button’s Andy Boggs and Dan Hahnberg discussed more about the game’s performance on Switch. Boggs confirmed that the game will run at 720p in docked mode and 576p in handheld. The game will also run at 30 FPS in both modes.

Some players have been worried about the cross-play functionality that will allow Nintendo Switch users to connect with other platforms, including consoles and PC, since Nintendo Switch players may suffer a handicap with lower performance settings. However, the Famitsu interview reveals you can disable cross-play to only play against other Switch players.

Apex Legends is expected to launch sometime this evening. It will be interesting to see the game in action, especially because this is an intense multiplayer game. Hopefully Apex Legends will have solid performance on Switch. Are you excited for Apex Legends on Switch?


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