Apex Cartoon Battle Royale combines famous cartoons & Apex Legends

Apex Cartoon Battle Royale The Simpsons Apex Legends South Park SpongeBob SquarePants Rick and Morty Fox

The concept of dropping random famous people or characters into a fan fiction battle is nothing new; there’s still at least one I wrote sitting on the internet from 17 years ago. (No, you will never find it.) Sometimes people go above and beyond though, as is the case with YouTuber elpinko, who has created something awesome. “Apex Cartoon Battle Royale” is a video that drops myriad famous cartoon characters from shows like The SimpsonsSpongeBob SquarePants, and Rick and Morty and puts them in an Apex Legends-style battle. All the animation seems to have been extracted directly from the original cartoons and reassembled into a cohesive battle, which must have been a ludicrous amount of work.

“Apex Cartoon Battle Royale” goes the whole way with its Apex Legends / battle royale gimmick too, beginning with the characters falling out of the sky frantically and with some painful landings. I will say it’s pretty weird (in a good way) to see Bob’s Burgers characters in combat with Archer characters or to watch Marge Simpson try to frag basically everyone. The ultimate winners are something of a surprise as well.

Not everything needs to become a battle royale (though clearly Final Fantasy disagrees), but throwing Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox, and Adult Swim properties (among others) into an Apex Legends match for a rumble works out surprisingly well. Let us know what you think of it. I’m still processing how I feel about the Simpsons in a battle royale.

Update: We reached out to elpinko for a few extra details about this amazing video, and he responded! He said he began working on this video two months ago, but part of the reason it took so long to complete is, according to elpinko, the “Mass Effect remaster arrived and I spent a solid 3 weeks reliving my childhood.” Then “The video all came together in the last week, with all the character fighting on transparent backgrounds. I then did a whole load of solo queueing and captured all the scenes.” Honestly, I would have expected it to take even longer to make “Apex Cartoon Battle Royale,” so double kudos to elpinko!

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