Another Eden gets Chrono Cross event, further fueling remaster reports

Another Eden Chrono Cross remake remaster Complex Dream crossover event mobile

Chrono Cross seems to be on its way to a resurgence. We’ve had more leaks regarding a potential Chrono Cross remake than a shoddy raft heading to Chronopolis in a storm, and today, the mobile game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space released a trailer to show off its crossover with the PlayStation classic. This video is one of the best of its kind I’ve ever seen, so take a look at the trailer for “Complex Dream”:

Complex Dream will release for Another Eden on December 9 as a simultaneous global release. You’ll be able to recruit Serge, Kid, and Harle once you complete the event, and Lynx, Glenn, and Starky will appear as NPCs. The event itself will feature some Chrono Cross hallmarks, such as New Game+, Elements, and Field Attacks, not to mention some special techs with Another Eden protagonist Aldo.

The release date is notable, as December 9 coincides with The Game Awards, an event that frequently reveals big new games. Another Eden is also one of the most fitting places to have a Chrono Cross-over, as the mobile game’s writer and director, Masato Kato, also directed Chrono Cross, in addition to writing on Chrono Trigger. Another Eden carries on the Chrono series’s legacy somewhat, with time travel being a major point in the ongoing saga. Chrono composer Yasunori Mitsuda also contributed music to the mobile title, and he will be providing music for the Complex Dream event.

There’s even more behind the curtain, however. Dataminers uncovered the scripts for the upcoming event, which apparently includes this statement: “In honor of the release of the Chrono Cross remaster, a special COMPLEX DREAM episode is launching.”

Will you be picking up or dusting off Another Eden to check Complex Dream out? Excited for a Chrono Cross remaster? Are you jamming out to “Scars of Time” as you read this? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear