Top 5 most annoying World of Light battles

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light

What a successful week for the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and they’re already releasing a second update! The online is a bit, well, awful at the moment, so I’ve been sticking to the World of Light mode. After clearing the board for that full 100% completion, I can safely say the spirit battles are sometimes a pain. Here are five examples of fights that are simply no fun.

1. Pauline (as Peach)

World of Light Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brothers Spirits
Controversial opinion here, but fighting an AI that is programmed to avoid you isn’t fun. Especially when there are other highly aggressive enemies put there just to slow you down. In comes the battle for the Pauline spirit. It’s on the 75m stage, where you’ll be trying to KO Pauline (as Peach) while Mario and Donkey Kong do their absolute best to frustrate you.

The stage is torture for anyone using stick jump. Instead of jumping, you’ll accidentally climb ladders often, since they share an input. Mario himself starts with a hammer and DK monkeys around by spamming timer items. It is truly an awful combination that makes chasing Pauline through an already aggravating stage even worse.

2. Dr. Wily (as Dr. Mario)

World of Light Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brothers Spirits
I’d highly recommend avoiding this one until you’re a bit later in WoL, as it’s 10 times easier with the proper setup. It is a stamina battle where you fight Wily’s Robot Masters (six Metal Mega Men) two at a time until the face-off against Wily himself. The problem starts when you realize how annoying the range on one Mega Man is, let alone six of them.

And if you main a melee-focused fighter as I do with Incineroar, good luck. Plus, you only have one stamina bar while the enemy team has seven. I must have slammed my Poké-head against this fight for an hour before finally giving up and coming back later. To conquer it, I’d suggest a three-slot primary spirit with two stamina buffs and Metal Killer equipped.

3. Geno (as Shiek)

World of Light Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brothers Spirits
Sadly, if we’re going by the “spirits mean de-confirmed” train of thought, then it looks like Geno is out. But Sakurai seems to be aware of how much the fans love this character and made sure he is no easy fight. You’ll find him at the end of the space path. The challenge is honestly making it to Geno without 150+ damage.

You’ve got a limited amount of time to KO the main party from Super Mario RPG. That’s Bowser, Peach, Mario, and Kirby filling in for Mallow. Bowser especially makes things difficult as he pops your shield like paper. And someone almost always squeezes a Final Smash in. It’s a bit fairer than some others, but just as frustrating.

4. Guile (as… Himself?)

World of Light Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brothers Spirits
Screen grab from BeardBears WoL Walkthrough on YouTube

Shockingly, there are not too many complaints about this one, except for mine. I never played Street Fighter 2 competitively, but after this, I understand how annoying Guile must’ve been. Captain Falcon is on the Pilot Wings stage, while assist trophy Guile ramps up your blood pressure.

It’s a stamina battle, but Cap has a chunky 180 health. After KOing the Flash Kick and Sonic Boom-spamming patriot, the fight isn’t over. Cap is ready to rumble, and if you took any heavy hits from Guile, then good luck. The only way I managed to do this was to slap on some stamina and Assist Killer spirits, then target Guile as if my life depended on it.

5. 9 Volt and 18 Volt Battle (as Incineroar and Villager)

World of Light Super Smash Bros Ultimate Brothers Spirits
Finally, we have the one people are complaining about most. And for good reason. Find this duo in the Laboratory Zone, where you unlock the numbered doors. If you turn everything at the multi-screened terminal, you’ll find yourself up against the high-voltage Incineroar and Villager pair.

Simply put, this battle is a mess. You’ve got the Sheriff trophy taking pot shots at you while these two scour the stage spamming that terrible Galaga item. It’s chaotic and some attempts genuinely feel unfair. Again, if you’ve got an Assist Killer spirit, boy howdy is now the time to use it. Quite simply, Assist Trophy spirit battles are some of the worst.

World of Light is fun but flawed

So there are what I think are the absolute worst WoL fights. But remember, there are explanations of spirit abilities and advanced techniques in multiple places if you’re having trouble. Honestly, I truly did like World of Light mode and a majority of the fights are really creative and fun. Smash is a game that brings people together, after all. The references and homages are some of the best, but they shouldn’t come at the cost of my enjoyment.

What do you think? What’s the worst one in your opinion, and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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