It never hurts to ask: Customer implores Nintendo to draw animals after repairing Joy-Con, company delivers


The Nintendo Switch may be a fantastic console, but it isn’t without its issues. Remember the dreaded Joy-Con drift? Nintendo offered to fix the controllers for free earlier this year. One customer who sent in their Joy-Con decided to do something unconventional with their request. They shot support a query to include drawings of their favorite animals in the return package. Surprisingly, the staff delivered!

Dogs and cats not included in the drawings of animals, somehow

Over on Reddit, user hprumbbor shared their experience with Nintendo Support:

I asked Nintendo Support to draw me their favorite animal. They delivered. from NintendoSwitch

My word, those are some fantastic pictures. The chicken, in particular, wouldn’t be out of place in my sketchbook. Whoever drew the monkey, though, needs to educate themselves a bit and watch some Animal Planet.

This is quite awesome of Nintendo Support to do. Not only did the staff fix the Joy-Con drift, but they also fulfilled a fan’s wish. Other video game companies, take note. Hopefully, we see an artwork competition between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft soon. Only then can the console wars be truly resolved.

Fans of Post-it Note drawings, what do you make of these animals? Have you ever gone the extra mile to satisfy a customer? Let us know below!

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