Pure horror: Animal Crossing’s Tommy and Timmy are now slippers as part of a loungewear collection

Animal Crossing loungewear

You may have heard of the Animal Crossing series. Its latest title on Switch, New Horizons, sold over 30 million units, after all. And you probably enjoy video game merchandise, too, especially of the Tommy and Timmy variety. Sadly, the two twins who work under Tom Nook are in a bit of a bad place now. Nowhere is this more clear than with Animal Crossing‘s new loungewear collection, where the raccoons have been reduced to a pair of slippers.

The Animal Crossing loungewear collection is the stuff of nightmares

Company Gelato Pique started the New Horizons collection last year with some hoodies and blankets. Now, coming to customers as a Japan-exclusive, the organization terrified the public when it released the following image:

Animal Crossing loungewear
Their eyes plead for mercy, yet they are already devoid of life

The poor animals! At least wearers have to live with the never-ending stares of the twins every time they look at their feet or couch.

Not to be outdone with just a pair of slippers and cushion, Gelato Pique is also selling a set of pajamas, as well:

Animal Crossing loungewear
Wear in combination with the slippers to show the world your madness!

If you are interested in any of this merchandise and live in Japan, you can purchase the items up until Valentine’s Day right here. I won’t judge you…on the outside.

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on the Animal Crossing loungewear collection? Let us know if you find any of this frightening in the comment section below.

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