Animal Crossing Switch – 5 New Features I Want to See

We all know a new Animal Crossing title is coming to Nintendo Switch, we just don’t know when. During this time of anticipation, I wanted to talk about what I hope to see in this highly anticipated sequel. From new ways the developer could implement online functionality to sharing your town with friends. I discuss all that and more in the latest video on the Nintendo Enthusiast YouTube channel.


1:07 – Lawnmower service

1:55 – Bring back playable classic games

2:37 – Optional on-going clock

3:34 – Share town with a friend via online

4:46 – Customization: edit environments, layers of land, etc.

5:52 – Online functionality: trade, have your own store, etc.

One thing I didn’t get to elaborate on in the video is a feature introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that I”m worried won’t make it into Animal Crossing Switch. The fan-favorite Happy Home Showcase! It allows you to StreetPass with any nearby gamers who also have New Leaf. After connecting with one another, you are then eligible to visit their home in the Showcase area and you can even purchase select items from each room. You never know what you’ll find in someone’s home — things can vary from brilliant to creepy. The Happy Home Showcase is an excellent addition to the series and I can’t imagine the next installment without it. Let’s hope the Nintendo Switch is capable of something like the 3DS’s SpotPass function.

What type of features would you like to see in Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch? Do you think the team will drastically change something about the franchises iconic gameplay loop? Be sure to leave all your thoughts in the comments section below, or head over to our Facebook page and join the discussion.

In other Animal Crossing news

In one of my latest features, I chat about why we as gamers are obsessed with the Animal Crossing gameplay loop. You can read a snippet below, or check out the whole article if you’re interested.

“In a sense, Animal Crossing is chores in digital form, but why are we obsessed with it? Well, that’s what I want to talk about today.

Have a long day at work? Need to relax? There is no greater accomplice that will free some anxiety like playing Animal Crossing does. Animal Crossing has the ability to make simple gameplay mechanics have a huge pay-off in amusement and replay value. Whether it is cleaning up your town, buying new merchandise, or fishing, Animal Crossing has a convivial spunk that makes responsibility all the more fun in its small digital universe. Animal Crossing makes obligations not only fun but completely addicting. Its everlasting world of charming characters and soothing music wraps around your heart, squeezes tight, and never let’s go.” read more

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