Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting paid membership services

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Club paid membership service

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, like a lot of mobile games, has its dedicated niche following, but it doesn’t necessarily light the world on fire with its updates. Judging by available estimates, it’s fair to say the game has grossed over $100M in total player spending by now, but how Nintendo might attract more new players at this point is unclear. But then again, if Nintendo can pump more money out of the players it already has, then acquiring new ones won’t matter so much. And along those lines, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting paid membership services with “Pocket Camp Club.”

This reveal comes by way of Japanese Nintendo, who explains there are actually two paid membership plans to choose between. One plan allows you to appoint a camp caretaker who assists you around your campsite. The second plan will grant you fortune cookies and warehouse storage for furniture and clothing items. Further Pocket Camp Club details will emerge on Nov. 20, presumably including the pricing for this new paid membership model.

For hardcore Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players — and this is clearly whom such a membership is targeting — these sound like pretty nice perks, so I can see this being relatively successful with its player base. What do you think of this idea?


John Friscia
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