Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Super Mario crossover starts March 1

Animal Crossing New Horizons x Super Mario

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we got more information about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Super Mario crossover event. Nintendo has confirmed that the update itself will be released next week, on Feb. 25, but the items won’t arrive until March 1. Players will be able to access a wide variety of Super Mario goodies through Nook Shopping, ordering them using any bells that they’ve collected while playing.

There are all sorts of unique furniture and fashion items to collect with this Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Super Mario event. You’ll be able to dress your villagers as a variety of Mario characters, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Wario. Mario-themed items will also be available to place on your island, such as ? Blocks, Power Stars, Mushrooms, and much more. However, the most exciting new addition is the ability to place two Warp Pipes on your island. This will make getting from point A to point B even quicker! The prices of each item will vary, so time to get saving I suppose.

It will be interesting to see how the Animal Crossing community uses these new items to customize their islands. Hopefully, we’ll get other anniversary items later on in the year, for franchises such as Zelda, Metroid, Pokémon, and Donkey Kong. Are you excited for these new items in the Animal Crossing New Horizons x Super Mario crossover event?


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