Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets two new Japanese TV spots

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brie Larson Mr. Resetti Nintendo Direct

You probably boarded the hype train for Animal Crossing: New Horizons a long, long time ago, but now that we’re only a month out from the first fully-fledged console entry in the series since the Wii, that train is hurtling dead ahead at breakneck speed. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also by far the biggest–and practically the only–major Nintendo game that currently has an actual release date, so a staggering portion of the Switch fanbase is patiently waiting for release. With all that said, it’s easy to see why we’re eating up whatever content we can find that’s relevant to the game, like these two new TV commercials that were just uploaded on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel. They’re thirty seconds each, and they don’t bring much new to the table (such as answers to our lingering questions about Mr. Resetti’s whereabouts), but they’re enough to keep the Animal Crossing: New Horizons excitement growing. Check ’em out for yourself below.

I need Animal Crossing: New Horizons in my life ASAP, and the wait is thankfully almost over. So far, nearly everything about the game looks pretty great. We’re a few days away from a hands-on demo at PAX East, where we’ll surely learn a bit more about how the game is coming along, but in the meantime, we can excitedly point to a solid Direct last week and even signs that Nintendo may abandon the lame one-time save data recovery policy.

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