Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch may not be just a limited edition

animal crossing: new horizons switch more stock coming not limited

It turns out that the limited Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch may not be so limited after all. The Animal Crossing model Switch has sold out in almost all retailers. However, according to a footnote that has been found on one of Nintendo’s web pages, we might be getting some more stock made available for preorder soon.

Don’t be cross

Reddit user hlin1993 pointed out the interesting footnote on the Hong Kong Nintendo page. When translated, the footnote reads, “Specially designed console and carrying case are not limited products. Will be produced again.”

As you can see, this implies that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch will be back in stock in the future. It even mentions that the unit is not limited at all. Of course, this probably refers to the fact that stock is being made available once again. The console doesn’t come with a numbered certificate, so there probably aren’t a limited number of them in the world.

At the time of writing, most retailers have sold out of their preorder stock of the console. Many others simply aren’t taking any preorders. However, if you check Amazon and other sites with resale options, you can preorder the console for around $100 more than Nintendo’s RRP. We’ll keep you updated with news on more stock for the console as we hear it.


Jamie Sharp
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