Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales hit 32.63 million in just over a year

animal crossing new horizons sales

Step aside, Mario! Take a seat, Link! Isabelle and Tom Nook are Nintendo’s new mascots! Okay, maybe that’s a slight overreaction, but then again, maybe not. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales are impressive enough that’s it’s fair to consider them A-listers for sure! The latest entry in the adorable franchise released on March 20, 2020, and in just over a year, sales have already reached 32.63 million.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales hit 32.63 million

Those Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales figures are current as of March 31, as that’s when Nintendo closed the books on the past fiscal year. Nintendo’s previous quarterly report put sales at 31.18 million, so that means another 1.45 million units were sold from January – March 31 of this year. Like many other Switch titles, New Horizons has enjoyed healthy sales numbers long after launch. That evergreen status should help it reach more milestones in the future.

Speaking of milestones, Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales are dangerously close to number one on the Switch charts. The top spot is currently held by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with its 35.39 million copies sold. Of course, that number goes much higher when you add in the 8.45 million units sold on Wii U, but we’re just dealing with Switch sales for now.

When compared to past entries in the series… well, there is no comparison. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales doubled those of New Leaf long ago. The 3DS game was the highest-selling in the franchise at the time with 12.82 million. Given enough time, New Horizons may very well triple that.



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