Wedding Bells: Utah man proposes via Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A man in Utah named Quan Le had to come up with a new way to propose to his girlfriend when COVID-19 shutdowns messed up his travel plans – luckily, he had another island getaway in his back pocket thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Check out the video below, in which Quan sets up an elaborate romantic scene for his girlfriend and then lets events unfold on a Facebook stream. A moonlit bench, some golden roses, and, of course, one tree in need of chopping made for a proposal to remember.

As Morgan strikes down the tree to reveal a hidden ring, Quan gets on one knee and shows off a real ring while popping the fateful question. Morgan happily sets down her Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons so that the couple can share a kiss or five.

COVID-19 lockdowns may have stopped the world in its tracks and thwarted this couple’s vacation plans, but no pandemic was gonna get in the way of their engagement. This is hardly the first time that Animal Crossing: New Horizons proved a useful asset in bringing people together amidst global shutdowns – virtual birthday parties, weddings, and more are reliable stand-ins while the world stays safe at home. Now, Quan and Morgan’s engagement joins the long list of ways in which Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought folks together.

Has Animal Crossing: New Horizons helped you stay close to your loved ones during the pandemic? How so? Any fun gatherings or parties? Let us know!

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