Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ 13.41 million sales smash the franchise record

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been an absolute sensation for Nintendo. The peaceful island decorating sim is just what we’ve needed to keep sane in quarantine. Early sales data suggested that the latest iteration of the popular series could be the biggest yet, and now we have confirmation. Nintendo’s latest investor briefing shows that New Horizons has already smashed the franchise record with 13.41 million sales.

Animal Crossing sales smash franchise record

New Leaf on 3DS was the previous record-holder with around 12.41 million units sold. New Horizons would nearly match that amount in its first 11 days, as it sold 11.77 million units in March, despite launching three weeks into the month. Strong Animal Crossing sales continued through April, and Nintendo reports that the game has sold 13.41 million sales through its first six weeks.

Many other Switch titles have enjoyed an “evergreen” status that sees them selling millions of copies years after launch, and┬áNew Horizons could join them. If it captured the franchise record in under six weeks, just imagine how impressive Animal Crossing‘s sales will be in a few years.


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