Animal Crossing mods bring huge QOL improvements to New Horizons

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It’s no doubt Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a massive hit. It just landed another top spot in the UK charts and continues to sell well across physical and digital storefronts. However, existing players have expressed concerns over a lack of quality-of-life improvements seen so far. Taking things into their own hands, hackers have now created a multitude of Animal Crossing mods to improve playability for fans.

Yes, they’re using modified Switch consoles and alternate software to change the game (which could put them at risk with Nintendo), but the results are interesting indeed. Increased stack amounts for items are there, alongside other mods that alter the amount of in-game text and changes that allow users to craft in bulk. This “crafting set” mod in particular sounds incredibly useful, as it allows you to spawn all parts needed for a particular craft-able item.


There are other, more “typical” Animal Crossing mods out there too. These include cheats that let you craft indestructible tools, speed up general animations, and even walk through walls. While these types of mods won’t ever make it into the standard game, they do let players experience Animal Crossing: New Horizons through a different lens, changing the game entirely.

It would be nice to see Nintendo implement some of the more logical mod changes though. Increased stack amounts would make a ton of sense for crafting, and we can’t see why an option to speed up in-game conversations couldn’t happen either. Yes, New Horizons is a slow-paced adventure, but those with hundreds of hours of playtime would certainly benefit from having options to speed things up.

Which of these Animal Crossing mods would you like Nintendo to officially implement?


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