The doctor is in: Notable analyst Dr. Serkan Toto is positive a Switch Pro will launch in 2020


2020 is now upon us. This means a year full of new consoles. Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are due before 2021. But what about the Nintendo Switch? Gamers strongly believe a Switch Pro is in the cards, though there has been no official announcement as of yet. However, this has not stopped industry veterans from making predictions. One analyst, Dr. Serkan Toto from Kantan Games, is confident a more powerful Switch will launch this year.

This analyst has some big prophecies

Here is Dr. Toto’s opinion on the matter, courtesy of an interview conducted by Games Industry:

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nintendo will launch a “Switch Pro” in 2020, my guess is at $399. More specifically, I predict 4K support, bigger cartridge sizes, and of course beefed-up components. I also think the device will launch after the summer holidays to counter the roll-out of the PS5 and next-gen Xbox later in the year – along with a first-party, system-seller game.

I can see the logic behind Dr. Toto’s argument. Though Nintendo does its own thing and doesn’t see Sony and Microsoft as competitors, 4K gaming is on the rise. It would make sense for the company to combat the upcoming systems with a fancy Switch and killer game (perhaps Breath of the Wild 2)? Also, $399 would look mighty tempting to gamers if both Sony and Microsoft go beyond that price point.

Dr. Toto goes into more predictions in the interview, including a belief in more Microsoft games on Switch and great Nintendo games on mobile devices. Be sure to check it out if you like to conjecture about the future.

Enthusiast analysts, do you think a Switch Pro is heading our way? Let us what your crystal ball has been telling you down below.

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