Analysis: Dive into the graphics of the Link’s Awakening remake

Link's Awakening remake Digital Foundry graphics analysis

Link’s Awakening was one of the most beloved games on Game Boy, and soon it will be reborn for a new audience. Nintendo’s giving Koholint Island a makeover on Nintendo Switch! Rather than handle development directly, Nintendo has passed the task on to Grezzo. That team previously delivered the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask remakes on 3DS, as well as Tri Force Heroes. They’ve got plenty of Zelda experience, but this is the most drastic overhaul they’ve done yet. So how is it shaping up? The talented team at Digital Foundry went hands-on and created an analysis video. Let’s dig in!

Digital Foundry digs into Link’s Awakening

Overall, John from Digital Foundry was largely impressed with the visuals. There’s just something carefree and joyful about playing inside what feels like a Zelda diorama. That said, there are a few technical hiccups that still need to be ironed out before launch. In my E3 impressions, I mentioned that I noticed occasional frame rate issues. As John explains, the game employees a “double-buffer Vsync set-up.” It’s meant to run at buttery smooth 60 frames per second, but when performance dips below that, the game halves it to 30. The release date is still three months away, so hopefully, this is a problem that Grezzo can eliminate by launch.

As for resolution, the game seems to run at around 1404 x 792 by Digital Foundry’s count. Those numbers (including the frame rates) apply to docked mode. Nintendo hasn’t allowed the public to go hands-on with Link’s Awakening in portable mode yet. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see how it performs as a handheld game.

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