Rumor: F-Zero Twitter likely associated with Nintendo has been found

Yesterday, it came to light that a @supermario35th Twitter account had been created back in March of this year, the same month that reports came out of potential 3D Super Mario remasters releasing to commemorate the Super Mario 35th anniversary. The email linked to that account was extremely similar to those associated with official Japanese Twitter accounts for Splatoon and Super Smash Bros., lending plausibility that it was an official Nintendo account. And now, it’s happened all over again today as, via VGC, an @FZeroJP Twitter account has been identified for the F-Zero franchise.

As was the case with @supermario35th, this F-Zero Twitter account was created in March 2020 and has an email address that closely mirrors known official emails. It could credibly belong to a domain. You can see the similarities below amid “reset your password” screens, which understandably have some information missing for account security reasons.

Japan F-Zero Twitter account @fzerojp

Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account Japan Nintendo email supermario35th @fzerojp FZEROJP Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account Japan Nintendo email supermario35th @fzerojp

Of course, even if this @FZeroJP F-Zero Twitter account is official, that doesn’t guarantee a new title in the franchise is in development. It could just be good housekeeping on Nintendo’s part in the case that it does create a new title someday.

The company has had little to say about the franchise in general in recent years, which hasn’t seen a new entry since 2004. Producer Shigeru Miyamoto has made isolated statements about the franchise in the past when directly asked about it, but that’s about it. Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. is all we really have at the moment.


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