Among Us is coming to Nintendo Switch today with cross-play

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Perhaps the biggest announcement during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase is the shadow drop of InnerSloth’s Among Us on Nintendo Switch later today with platform cross-play. (Nintendo Switch Online is required to play online though.) If you’ve been living under a rock recently, Among Us has taken over from Fall Guys as the hot new thing. The game is a social deduction game set in space, where crewmates have to detect who the murderous alien imposter is.

It’s absolutely huge right now on mobile and PC, spawning “sus” memes and breaking friendships. Essentially, most players must complete tasks aboard a spaceship in order to have a successful flight. However, each game harbors at least one imposter, a player who is there to take everyone out and sabotage the mission.

What’s unique about Among Us is the guessing game and how the imposter can approach each match. A good imposter will stay hidden and act friendly among his crewmates, so nobody suspects him or her. When the time is right for the imposter, it’s all about stabbing everyone in the back.

This is a pretty big get for Nintendo, especially as a shadow drop today. Among Us is yet to launch on any other consoles, and its mobile roots mean it should be a great fit for Switch. InnerSloth actually released the game a couple years ago on PC and mobile, but it only really took off earlier this year.

Among Us comes to Nintendo Switch later today.

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