Among Us Game Trial is free for Switch Online subscribers for 1 week

Among Us Game Trials Nintendo Switch Online subscribers free download for 1 week July 21 - 28 30% off discount Innersloth

Love it or lump it, Among Us has snowballed into a phenomenon since its original mobile launch in 2018, and it finally arrived on Nintendo Switch back in December 2020. The game only costs $5.00, but if that is somehow still too much of an upfront investment for you, Nintendo has you covered. It is offering a new Game Trial for Among Us, making the game free for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for the week of July 21 – July 28. During this period, the game will also be 30% off to purchase, which would make it $3.50. So if you’ve ever had interest in playing this game on Switch, this will be the time to act.

The Nintendo Switch Among Us Game Trial is a welcome bonus for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but these free trial offers don’t seem to come along much in North America, with Mario Tennis Aces being the notable exception in 2019. Meanwhile, Japan has recently received Game Trials for Good Job! and Valkyria Chronicles. At least Switch Online in NA still has its library of unorthodox battle royales and its 100+ NES and SNES games.

Let us know if this Among Us Game Trial for Switch is the thing that finally gets you to give the game a chance. It has many more updates and collector’s editions on the way.


John Friscia
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