Among Us crewmate colors ranked by popularity

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Innersloth, the devs behind the sensational indie murder mystery sim Among Us, recently shared some insight into which crewmate colors are the most and least popular among players. There are currently 18 crewmate colors available to choose from. Red is the most popular, with black, white, rose, and blue rounding out the top five. Tan sits in last place, not far behind brown, maroon, and gray. This data represents crewmate color popularity since the 15-player update dropped last month (as someone who hasn’t played Among Us in a few months, this is the first I’m hearing of 15-player lobbies, which sound absolutely bonkers). Check out the full list in the embedded tweet below.

Do you still play Among Us? Did you ever play it at all? If so, which color was your favorite to use on a crewmate? Back when I used to play the game regularly with siblings and friends, purple was my go-to color. However, I often had to race against a few fellow purple devotees to nab the color, and often had to fall back to something else such as red or cyan. Although I only have a couple of friend groups to go off of (since Among Us with randoms is pure hell), this ranking seems pretty much consistent with what I’ve witnessed in a couple dozen hours of playing the game.

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