American and European Switch shipments are set to continue


According to Nikkei by way of Japanese Nintendo, Nintendo has enough supply to continue Switch shipments to both European and American markets. Additionally, a Digitimes report states Switch production increased by 20 percent in the last two weeks.

All the same, earlier today Nintendo posted an update on Twitter explaining that Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite systems, including the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition Switch, would only be shipped to those in Japan who had placed reservations.

Production of Nintendo Switch consoles was hit early on in the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak due to factories in China being closed in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. Nikkei now says that production in China and Vietnam has improved, though it’s not at the level it was before the outbreak began yet.

Shortages in Switch shipments have caused the price of the console to swell around the world. In the U.K., it’s still very difficult to purchase a new Switch console, with the only one available from retailer GAME being a preorder for the Coral Switch Lite. Hopefully these shipments will alleviate the pressure somewhat and get consoles to those who need one while they’re stuck at home in self-isolation.


Jamie Sharp
Started out playing Metroid 2 on the GameBoy at around 5 years-old, and now I write about games all day long. Can't play Switch and drive, I've tried. As time goes on the Switch is quickly becoming my favourite console of all time.