Amazon: Wii U Sales Skyrocket in UK Following XBOX One Reveal

What a difference a day makes. With every bit of Wii U sales news being negative for months, it can be a real eye opener to get some very positive news on that front.

Amazon constantly updates its list of \”Movers and Shakers\”, the list of biggest gainers in sales ranking over a 24 hour period. Hot on the heels of an underwhelming and poorly received XBOX One console reveal, interest in the little console that could from Nintendo went into the stratosphere. According to Amazon, sales followed suit. In the last 24 hours on the Wii U Deluxe Edition bundle has seen increased sales ranking of roughly 875% at its highest point (currently 708%), moving from a sales rank of 388 in the PC & Video Games category, to number 48, and the third highest gainer today.


Additionally, ZombiU has seen an increase of 252% and moved from 606 to 172 in sales rankings, and has seen the 11th highest sales rank increase today.


We have been hearing rumblings that Microsoft have made a stronger case for purchasing a Wii U than Nintendo themselves, and this seems to support that theory. Either way, its nice to see Nintendo’s next gen console getting more exposure and sales.

This news is specific to the UK, and Wii U is not on the US Movers and Shakers List. It’s also worth noting that the list seems to be updated hourly so if you do check back now, you won\’t what was seen yesterday. Apparently XBOX One’s lack of UK support for most of the features demoed have struck a nerve with consumers.

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Wesley Stopford