Amazon UK Restricted SNES Classic Orders to One Per Customer

The announcement of the SNES Classic Edition was a huge story in the gaming world and the stellar line-up of games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, was one of the hottest stories of last week. After the excitement settled however many were left with a scary thought: scalpers.

Lots of people essentially gobbled up the NES Classic and drove it to high costs, which it never really recovered from. Unless you were lucky to find one in a store, you either had to pay a higher than retail price for it, or go without. Nintendo has promised that production of the SNES Classic would be higher than the NES Classic, but now retailers like Amazon UK are taking a stand as well.

Amazon UK announced that SNES Classic units will only be available one per customer, meaning that an individual may only purchase one and no more. Obviously there are ways around this, like using family members or friends, but at the very least it makes would-be scalpers of the SNES Classic’s jobs much harder to complete.


Shawn Long
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