Amazon Mexico lists New Nintendo Switch Pro before quickly deleting it

Amazon Switch Pro

Information for the elusive Nintendo Switch Pro continue to thrive. A Bloomberg report indicated the supposed console may be released as soon as September, likely costing more than the current Switch’s $299 price tag and expected to be revealed sometime before E3 2021. Eurogamer has corroborated the report. To add more fuel to the fire, Amazon Mexico decided that it would be a good idea to post a listing for a “New Nintendo Switch Pro.” Then it was quickly taken down, and no price or release date was included.

These Amazon Mexico Switch Pro pages were most likely just a placeholder listing that doesn’t mean much of anything concrete, but it’s yet another frivolous episode in what has become one of the most strained reveals in Nintendo history.

In any case, the reported reason for Nintendo announcing the Switch Pro before E3 is so developers can show off games at the event that support it. Bloomberg previously leaked Nintendo Switch Lite back in 2019 and has been following Nintendo manufacturing for years now, so its reporting on this subject is credible.

With not long left to go until E3, there’s a chance that we might be seeing the console relatively soon. What do you think about all this?


Jaimie Ditchfield
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