Alwa’s Awakening will run at 60fps when released on Switch next week

Alwa's Awakening

Next week Elden Pixels’ 8-bit platformer Alwa’s Awakening will make its way onto the Nintendo Switch. On Sept. 27, Switch owners will be able to download the game and play it at 60fps. The game’s story centers around a heroine names Zoe. While adventuring through the land of Alwa, Zoe uses her magic staff to defeat enemies and rid the land of the darkness that has consumed it.

Along the way, players can pick up magical items to aid Zoe in her quest.  As the trailer below shows, collecting the green gemstone allows Zoe to create green blocks for both protection and platform building and players can also upgrade her abilities. Alwa’s Awakening also contains an 8-bit soundtrack made up of 25 original songs.

Alwa’s Awakening was originally released on Steam in 2017. When it comes to its features there is one new to Switch that stands out. The Switch version of the game includes an assist mode which allows for instant respawning to occur; item locations can also be turned on and off with this feature.

On its website, Elden Pixels lists games like Solstice and Battle of Olympus as inspirations behind the development of Alwa’s Awakening.

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