Alternate, unseen costumes revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters


A good number of people are hyped for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its release this December. Additionally, Nintendo is one of the few companies that includes alternate outfits in their games without selling them separate as DLC. So people speculate on how many new costumes will feature for our favorite combatants. Therefore, it’s exciting news that assets show fresh attire for some of the series’ stars.

The Nintendo Asset Library for the press updated this past August, yet no one reported on the findings therein regarding Ultimate. A YouTube website named Source Gaming, however, picked up on new character portraits within the library. They detailed these findings in a video you can watch below:

Elegant costumes and flashy colors

There are new costumes for fighters in the Smash series. For example, Mario has his wedding suit from Odyssey as an alternate outfit, as well as his building getup from Super Mario Maker. Also, Pikachu can wear his luchador suit from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Finally, as a pleasant surprise, Yoshi sports his new look from upcoming Switch release Yoshi’s Crafted World. The game won’t even be out by the time Ultimate hits!


It’s not just outfits that are used as a nod to Nintendo’s past, present, and future. Alternate colors were also unveiled for Mario-killer Ridley. He has colors that call back to six different Metroid entries. This is a wonderful way to showcase Nintendo’s varied history. I’m sure many more fighters will have alternate colors that serve as reminders of their past titles.

What are your thoughts regarding these outfits? What costumes would you like to see featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let us know with a comment below. Personally, I want every version of Snake represented; clones, dads, and everything in between.

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