AlphaDream, developer of Mario & Luigi, files for bankruptcy

AlphaDream bankruptcy of Mario & Luigi developer

AlphaDream, the developer of the acclaimed series of Mario & Luigi RPGs for Nintendo, has filed for bankruptcy. This news comes from trusted source Japanese Nintendo, who also notes, “Company turnover was ¥300m ($2.78m) in March 2014 but the company’s debts were as high as ¥465m ($4.3m) by March 2018.” Regardless, this comes as a shocking development.

AlphaDream knew how to make an RPG

Though the company apparently existed in some form beginning in 1991, AlphaDream has existed as a video game developer since 2000, when it started as Alpha Star. Even before Mario & Luigi, the developer found its niche in RPGs with Japan-only Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito on Game Boy Color and also Japan-only Tomato Adventure on Game Boy Advance. Although, the company dabbled in licensed Hamtaro games as well.

AlphaDream struck gold in 2003 with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on Game Boy Advance, taking the same general look and feel of Tomato Adventure and applying it brilliantly to Nintendo’s mascot franchise. This series, in overall tone, has been the closest thing we have ever gotten to a Super Mario RPG 2, and it has been quite well regarded by fans and critics alike. Last year, the developer was actually hiring for new projects (including for Switch), which we perhaps may never see now.

A bankruptcy isn’t the kind of news we like to report on past midnight at Nintendo Enthusiast, folks. Let’s cheer each other up by talking about our favorite moments from AlphaDream’s catalogue.


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