Alisa, ’90s-style retro 3D horror game, coming to Nintendo Switch

Alisa Nintendo Switch Casper Croes Kickstarter

Alisa is a Kickstarter project that’s a proper throwback to ’90s PlayStation 1-era horror games. Not only is its shifting perspective and general style reminiscent of the era, but the graphics look like they’ve been plucked from a PS1 game. The project began as a PC title, but thanks to stretch goals being reached, developer Casper Croes has confirmed that a console version is coming, including to Nintendo Switch.


Alisa will likely be right at home on Nintendo’s hybrid system. The game’s retro underpinnings should mean it won’t struggle to run on Switch, and the smaller handheld screen could be more flattering on its intentionally blocky style. PS1 games don’t always age well, but they do bring out the nostalgia in us.

The project raised €28,816 and is now closed for backing. The PC release is set to come first in 2021, with a demo already available. The Kickstarter page says the game should run on really low-power machines, so it could be worth a look even if you don’t own a beefy PC. Here’s the developer rundown on Alisa:

Alisa is a classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe inspired by the 1920s. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa. While chasing a wanted criminal, she ends up in an old victorian mansion. She has to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids.

An Alisa gameplay teaser is available below.


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