Alien: Isolation still looks beautifully horrific in its first Switch trailer

Alien: Isolation Switch Nintendo Feral Interactive Sega Creative Assembly

One of the myriad surprises of the Nintendo E3 Direct 2019 was the reveal of Sega and Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation coming to Nintendo Switch. The game received its ESRB rating back in August, leading us to hope it would release soon, and, well… we still don’t have a precise release date for the game. But Feral Interactive has finally offered up a first look at how the game actually runs on Nintendo Switch — and it’s looking pretty nice to me.

The close-ups on the character faces still look attractive, and while the environments seem a bit blurrier and washed out than I remember, the feeling of omnipresent menace persists. It definitely feels like the Alien experience I played and adored a few years ago on PlayStation 4.

For the newcomers in the house, Alien: Isolation is about playing as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the movie heroine, as she tries to survive on a space station while an alien xenomorph constantly stalks her. Oh, and for good measure, there are killer androids too. Your combat options are limited by design, so the whole game is about running for your life — and it’s done so well.

Alien: Isolation for Switch will include “all seven DLCs including ‘Last Survivor,’ Ellen Ripley’s final mission on board the USCSS Nostromo from the classic 1979 horror film.” If you’ve ever wanted to be scared out of your mind by biology’s ultimate killing machine personified while on the go, then oh baby, your ship has come in.

Alien: Isolation is scheduled to release for Switch “later this year,” making it a perfect Christmas gift for horror fans and masochists.


John Friscia
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