Alfonzo Fills In for Toon Link in Today\'s Smash Bros. Update

Curious as to how Toon Link planned to work double shifts as both a fighter and a train conductor in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS? Have no fear, Sakurai has brought you today’s official Smash Bros. update to inspecting another mechanic of the 3DS’s Spirit Tracks stage.


\”Pic of the day! When Toon Link joins the battle, Alfonzo is in charge of the train.

Alfonzo: \’Leave it to me!\’\”

Well, that certainly cleared things up pretty quickly. Alfonzo will cover Toon Link’s hours so long as Toon Link is involved in a battle. Otherwise, you\’ll see Toon Link at his post. As of right now, Alfonzo does nothing else except control the train while Toon Link is fighting. We\’re not sure if the switch will be seen on-screen or if Alfonzo will simply be there upon arrival at the stage.

Could this be evidence of a system for dealing with characters that have a presence in the stage itself or is Toon Link the only one? Sakurai is going for style points with stage interactions like these, so there shouldn\’t be any reason why he wouldn\’t do the same for others, too. Villager, for example, could still be in the audience of Smashville whenever he’s not in the fray. Rosalina and Luma may soar by in space on the Mario Galaxy level. And what about Pyrosphere?

Since returning from his holiday break, Sakurai has really turned up the heat with these reveals. How will he follow up on today’s update?



Dakota Lasky