Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez names N64 “the best system” on Twitch stream

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez names N64 "the best system" on Twitch stream

We are in a transitional period, people. We have seen all too often gaming put under a negative light by politicians who simply “don’t get it”. Although we don’t typically get political on Nintendo Enthusiast, this is something worth noting not only for being Nintendo related but also being for a great cause. It also helps that rising political superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has placed the N64 on the pedestal of gaming greatness.

During a charity stream of Donkey Kong 64 by H.Bomberguy (AKA Harry Brewis), there were a number of noteworthy cameos. This included Doom co-creator John Romero, game critic Jim Sterling, and American activist Chelsea Manning. The stream’s purpose was to raise money for a charity called Mermaids which gives support to young transgender people.

This was a way for H.Bomberguy to finally beat the N64 title Donkey Kong 64. It was also a way for the streamer to “stick it” to comedy writer Graham Linehan who questioned Mermaids’ funding. The whole reason for the stream is summarized well in the below video.

The stream was doing well with $50,000 raised within the first 24 hours of the stream. However, it was the appearance of U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that helped raise funding to over $340,000 by the end. She even gave a bit of her own gaming experience highlighting her love for the N64.

Not Monkeying Around

So how did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wind up as part of the stream? Apparently, it started from a comment by The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. While on CNN, Sorkin mentioned how the new batch of fresh faces in Congress “now need to stop acting like young people.” This sparked a Twitter thread by AOC (as she’s affectionately called) criticizing his comments. A retweet of the stream punctuated her thread.

After the retweet, AOC received many requests to come on stream. She obliged by joining the Discord chat and talking to H.Bomberguy live on Twitch. She talked about never owning an N64 but that she considered it “probably the best system out of all of them.” That’s followed by namedropping titles Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a lot of props for backing up her talking points. I also can’t help but love hearing her talk about gaming. It certainly came across a lot more legitimately than Hillary Clinton’s “Pokemon GO to the polls” comment during the 2016 campaign. Let us know what you think of AOC’s stream cameo in the comments below.

David Giltinan
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