Disney classics Aladdin and The Lion King getting $100 rereleases on their original hardware

Aladdin and the Lion King

If the upcoming Switch bundle Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King is too modern for you, then iam8bit has you covered. The production company is teaming up with publisher Nighthawk to provide $50 Switch special editions for each game with retro-style packaging as well as $100 Legacy Cartridge editions compatible with either SNES or Genesis.

Aladdin and The Lion King bundled on Switch with updated graphics is all well and good, but for about $70 extra, you could get one less game and one fancy-colored game cart (side note: never underestimate what a fancy game cart is worth to a collector). Unfortunately, you also get some extra waiting: while the tuned up ports for modern consoles come next week, the Retro Retail editions will not ship until December 10, and the Legacy Cartridges will not launch until early 2020.

The Legacy Cartridge editions are luckily a bit more than just the same old game in a pretty new cart: the super special editions will come with restored artwork, retro pack-ins, and a one-in-eight chance at a special glow in the dark cartridge (purple for Aladdin, yellow for The Lion King). Only 4,500 Legacy Cartridges for each game will be available, so keep an eye out on the store pages for Aladdin and The Lion King if you are interested in preordering.


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