Hefty presentation: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity getting a 50 minute stream this month

Age of Calamity

The onslaught of Age of Calamity news continues! Tokyo Game Show is happening online this month. Therefore, Koei Tecmo is obviously showing off its collaboration with Nintendo. What is surprising, though, is the amount of screen time the new Hyrule Warriors title will get: a whopping 50 minutes!

I wonder if the stream will show off Age of Calamity’s midgame or spoil the entire intro

Twitter user @PushDustin shared the Japanese tweet from Koei Tecmo announcing the event:

Age of Calamity gets its demonstration on September 26 at 10 PM, which is 9 AM EST. Gameplay will be shown, including a look at the characters gamers will be playing as and other in-depth information. I’m hoping we see how the game handles co-op play and if the various warriors can do team-up attacks like The Avengers. Also, I’m curious if the combat has evolved from “mash the same button repeatedly until every enemy around you is dead.”

Enthusiasts, will you be tuning into Tokyo Game Show’s online event? What are you hoping to see during the Age of Calamity section? Do you think Nintendo has some surprise game announcements up its sleeve? Let us know your predictions below!

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