Afterpulse, third-person multiplayer shooter, targets Switch this month

Afterpulse Nintendo Switch release date March 30, 2021 BlitWorks Digital Legends Entertainment

BlitWorks and Digital Legends Entertainment have announced a March 30, 2021 release date for multiplayer third-person shooter Afterpulse on Nintendo Switch. It will retail for $19.99 and enjoy cross-platform support with Android and iOS, though a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required. BlitWorks and Digital Legends state the game already has a global player base of more than 20 million, so Switch players should not be hurting to find others to play with. The game involves free-for-all battles and eight-player team deathmatches.

So that Nintendo Switch players of Afterpulse are not left in the dust of longtime mobile players, they can take advantage of the Nintendo Switch Fast Pass to receive the following high-value item bonuses:

  • 5 stars rank THREAT series LMG: The HMG, one of the best in the game.
  • 5 stars rank gear set: Polyvalent and defensive, this set of gear improves all weapons, but particularly the ones in the THREAT series and the ones of LMG, SHOTGUN and LAUNCHER type.
  • 5 chests: Can bring you any weapons or gear between 4 and 6 stars rank.
  • 750 gold units: They can be used to buy a weekly series deal.
  • Booster 100% experience.
  • Booster 100% cash.
  • Booster 10% gold.
  • Improved daily reward calendar.

Hopefully Afterpulse will provide a satisfying shooter experience on Switch. Online first-person shooter Apex Legends recently released on Switch, but its performance is apparently something of a wreck.

[Source: PR]

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