Afterparty getting Switch physical release from Limited Run Games

Almost a year ago, we took a good look at Afterparty and really enjoyed our time with it. (We also interviewed developer Night School Studio.) We deemed its hellish party one worth attending, even if one of its core mechanics, drinking, was somewhat underdeveloped. If you missed out the first time around and are more inclined to pick up a physical copy, now’s your chance. Limited Run Games has revealed an Afterparty physical release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with preorders opening on Jan. 29 at 10 a.m. ET. You’ll get a delightfully colorful folded map included too, as Limited Run Games wants to incentivize a physical pick-up.

That’s not all the Afterparty madness either. Limited Run Games is also bringing a 2-LP vinyl to market, featuring the game’s original soundtrack. This one has some stunning artwork on its cover and contains the wide range of musical tracks that Afterparty has to offer. Preorders for this one also go live on Jan. 29.

Afterparty Limited Run Games

As the name suggests, both of these are limited run and won’t stick around for long. In that case, it’s best to get preorders in if you’re interested. Limited Run Games says both Afterparty products will have a four-week preorder time scale before they are gone for good.


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