After 14 years, one of Smash 64’s Board the Platforms has a new world record

Smash 64 Board the Platforms new record

Everybody loves the classic Board the Platforms stages in the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. Each character had their own unique challenges that required knowing the ins and outs of their movesets to complete.

Some people loved the challenges in Smash Bros. so much, they took to speedrunning them. The challenges are quick, so the timing on the world records is always tight. In the Pikachu stage specifically, the world record has remained the same for fourteen years. At least it did until today.

An incredible Smash Bros. world record

Yesterday, a player called KM decided to challenge the old record of 16.95 seconds. KM managed to barely come out on top with a new record of 16.93 seconds. Check it out below!

KM detailed exactly what he did in this Board the Platforms challenge on YouTube. KM implemented the smallest of changes to the strategy, such as landing on the last block in the series of moving platforms so Pikachu can fall off of it instead of jumping off. The very small changes that KM accounted for helped shave off those 0.02 seconds. You can take a deeper dive into the strategy in the video’s description.

Surprisingly, KM also pointed out some improvements that could be made to the run. KM links to a separate video where another player actually warps through the moving block platforms to reach one of the required platforms sooner. KM notes that this strategy may only be possible in a tool-assisted run (TAS). However, KM goes on to say that this could shave this Smash Bros. world record time to 14 or 15 seconds.

Putting aside this glitch, KM notes there was too much time spent on one of the platforms. If it wasn’t for this, KM believes the record could be brought further down to 16.8 seconds. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be talking about KM again soon.

What do you guys think of this incredible feat in Smash Bros.? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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