AEW wrestling game in the works from director of WWF No Mercy

AEW game Hideyuki Iwashita director WWF No Mercy WWE 2K Yuke's

AEW — All Elite Wrestling — is producing a console video game to compete with the WWE 2K series. The game was revealed for unspecified platforms last night as part of a livestream event, and we now know some more details on the project. Perhaps most importantly, the team behind the game has worked on some of the most popular wrestling games ever. Yuke’s is developing the All Elite Wrestling game, a Japanese developer who worked extensively on the WWE 2K games for years, and its director, Hideyuki Iwashita, directed WWF No Mercy on Nintendo 64.

During the reveal event, a sneak peek at the game was shown off at around 5:20. It didn’t reveal much, but the AEW gaming division says it wants to channel the fun from old-school games like WWF No Mercy, NBA Jam, and Virtual Pro Wrestling. Given the direction and the developer pedigree, it seems that AEW is serious in competing with the WWE 2K series.

Speaking of which, we’ve seen a few recent WWE titles drop on Nintendo Switch, although they’ve not been of the highest quality. Hopefully Yuke’s includes Switch in its target platforms, which are vaguely stated as “current and next-gen consoles.”

What would you like to see in an AEW game?

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