Aeterna Noctis gameplay shown off of slick hand-drawn Metroidvania

Aeterna Noctis gameplay footage The Light Tower hand-drawn Metroidvania Nintendo Switch release date December 15, 2021

As part of the DreamHack Beyond event, developer Aeternum Game Studios has released new gameplay footage of Aeterna Noctis, a hand-drawn Metroidvania releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on December 15, 2021. An area called The Light Tower, “one of the most technical and difficult areas of the game,” receives a look, and it involves precise jumps, careful timing, and portals. In general, Aeterna Noctis aims to be easy to learn and challenging to master, and per the typical Metroidvania experience, you will obtain new abilities as you go.

However, the game is also non-linear, and its 16 levels are “designed to fully exploit the movement skills of the characters, opening multiple ways to overcome each challenge.” There are more than 100 enemies, more than 20 bosses, and “dozens of challenging puzzles.” Aeterna Noctis wants to deliver a compelling narrative to Switch players too though, about the immortal King of Darkness and the Queen of Light cursed to fight forever. Personally, I couldn’t care less about story in a Metroidvania, but hey, it’s good that Aeternum Game Studios is swinging for the fences.

Based off the gameplay footage, The Light Tower in Aeterna Noctis looks like a real platforming extravaganza, so if that’s your thing, keep this game on your radar when it comes to Nintendo Switch and other platforms this December.

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