Set the clocks: Additional Pokémon Sword/Shield info coming tomorrow

Additional Pokémon

Is anyone ready for additional Pokémon Sword and Shield info? Hopefully, something not terrible? It’s time to plan for an early morning rise, then. According to the Official International Pokémon Twitter account, some fresh details on the upcoming Switch games are set to be unveiled tomorrow morning.

How much additional Pokémon knowledge can there be before launch?!

Check out the tweet detailing the announcement below:

6:00 AM PDT is the same as 9:00 AM EST. Meaning, Pokéfanatics will need to awaken from a deep slumber in order to process any reveals. Unless they are already at work or school. In that case, gamers will have to open a browser in secret so they can sneak a peek. I am nothing if not a wonderful influence on the youth of today.

What can be left to show before Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s release? November 15, 2019, is exactly one month away. Perhaps more Galarian forms of old Pokémon? Or some never before seen Pocket Monsters? Maybe more version-exclusive Gym Leaders?! Personally, I’m hoping for some additional Pokémon Types. You have to mix things up to keep them interesting!

Enthusiasts, what additional Pokémon facts are you hoping to learn tomorrow morning? Let us know your predictions in the comment section below!


Arthur Damian
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