Add some N64 flair to your Switch with this dock from Hyperkin

Have you ever wanted to add some N64 flair to your Switch? Well, now you can courtesy of Hyperkin’s latest accessory. The RetroN S64 Console Dock for Switch is an N64 style dock that is sure to bring nostalgia to fans of the N64 era. You can check out this retro accessory down below!

This dock functions the same as the standard Switch dock. The features include:

  • TV mode
  • Switch charging
  • Three USB ports
  • Compatible with wired Switch controllers
  • A stylish 64-bit era design

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this accessory, you can purchase it here for $39.99.

What do you think of this dock? Will you be purchasing it? Let us know in the comments down below!


Veronica Carusi
Hello gamers, I'm a writer currently living in Toronto. I love all things Nintendo, especially the GameCube era and Animal Crossing! If you ever want to chat Nintendo, you've come to the right place.