“Take that!”: Spice up Zoom meetings with free Ace Attorney backgrounds

Ace Attorney

It’s tough to mix the fun of video games with work. Usually, human beings keep the two things separate. When your 9-5 is finished, that’s when you unwind with virtual worlds. As a good many of us work from home at the moment, we’re desperately thinking of ways to enliven our Zoom meetings. Enter Capcom with its set of free Ace Attorney backgrounds.

Become an Ace Attorney and tell your colleagues to “Hold it!”

Capcom shared three official backgrounds to use during your next conference call:

The video game company decided to mix some of the old with the new. The classic courthouse on the left is from the original trilogy. Darker, modern one on the right is from the more recent Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

With these backdrops, anyone can make an upcoming session go from mundane to momentous. When a supervisor states a new policy you happen to disagree with, you don’t even have to say a word. Just point to the giant “Objection!” behind you. They’ll probably have a good laugh. If they don’t crack a smile, you’re working in the wrong place.

Fellow enthusiasts, will you be using one of these Ace Attorney settings during your next teleconference? Let us know which in the field below!

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