Already a beloved legend: Link’s Awakening receives a well-deserved accolades trailer


Have you picked up The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch? I’d recommend you do: the game is a wonderful remake with some terrific quality of life improvements. If you need more convincing, though, Nintendo recently uploaded an accolades trailer for the title on YouTube.

Link’s latest is just over a week old and already getting glowing accolades

Check out the praise for Link’s Awakening below:

Thankfully, Nintendo didn’t spoil the whole game with this accolades video. Although, it did show some puzzle solutions. We don’t need another Fi, guys.

I agree with the enthusiastic accolades. Also, it cannot be overstated how incredible this title looks and sounds. The orchestral soundtrack is a delight to the eardrums, and the entirety of Koholint Island is reminiscent of a diorama come to life. Between those highlights, the modernized controls, and the changes for the better regarding some of the side quests, Link’s Awakening for Switch is the best way to experience this adventure. However, I miss the optional photos you could do!

Enthusiasts, do you agree with the acclaim Link’s Awakening is getting? In other words, would you endorse it over the GBC version? Let us know in the comment section below.

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