Abs: River City Girls 2 gets two character reveals, Marian and Provie

River City Girls 2 character reveal

River City Girls rocks. So much so, the title is getting both a sequel and a prequel. WayForward decided to spoil us on the former today. River City Girls 2 just got two character reveals. Marian from the Double Dragon series (who also cameoed in River City Girls) and Provie from River City Ransom Underground.

I’m hoping we see even more characters before River City Girls 2 launches

Have a look at the tweet confirming the identities of these ladies:

Man, Marian looks like she could mess you up with just a glare. Provie looks similarly no-nonsense.

We also received a gander at the game’s first screenshots:

I love the art style. It takes me back to my 16-bit beat ’em up days. Also, as the pictures make clear, Kunio and Riki return to the roster.

I’m excited to play this. Of course, I still have to get the true ending in the first game with my partner. We need to get closure before we start on a brand new adventure, after all.

Enthusiasts, are you pumped for these two character reveals for River City Girls 2? Will you be pre-ordering both River City Girls 2 and River City Girls Zero? Let us know the answers to these burning questions below.

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