Break out the confetti: Astral Chain director says the title “has sold above expectations”

above expectations

PlatinumGames is sitting pretty. First, news hit Tencent made a capital investment in the company. Now, there’s word the developer’s latest Switch game, Astral Chain, has sold quite well. The title’s director, Takahisa Taura, indicated as much in an upcoming Famitsu interview, stating it has gone “above expectations.”

Above expectations = Sequel. Maybe. I want another one

Here’s the quote in full regarding the Switch exclusive:

Thankfully, Astral Chain has sold above expectations.

Only a few tidbits from the discussion have been posted online as of now. Other personalities included in the interview are Hideki Kamiya and Yoko Taro. Therefore, the Q and A likely got quite irregular. Here’s wishing Taro lifted his strange helmet to reveal a duplicate directly underneath.

above expectations

Hopefully, more information on this meeting of the minds will become available in the coming days. I am eager to learn more about PlatinumGames’ future. Especially since it can pursue self-publishing more easily, now that the chains binding them to publishers have been broken.

Enthusiasts, are you happy with Astral Chain‘s success? Do you think a sequel is pretty much a given due to its impressive sales numbers? Also, what kind of number do you feel is “above expectations?” Let us know your predictions down below.

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