Abdallah wins E3 2019’s Super Mario Maker 2 invitational

Abdallah wins Super Mario Maker 2 invitational E3 2019

Abdallah won the pre-E3 Super Mario Maker 2 invitational tournament on June 8. He finished ahead of The Completionist, The Dragon Feeney, and KillerYellowBee.

Going into the event, The Dragon Feeney was considered the favorite to win by everyone besides herself. This was evident in her dominant performance in the first round. She finished far ahead of her opponent, KillerYellowBee, and had the fastest time of all the competitors. Though Abdallah did finish ahead of his opponent, The Completionist, his time was slower than The Dragon Feeney’s.

The Dragon Feeney chose KillerYellowBee as her partner for the second round’s collaborative challenge. Abdallah and The Completionist were left to team with each other as a result. The second round was a tight race, with both teams taking a slight lead at various points in the level. However, Abdallah and The Completionist pulled ahead during the last two puzzles, allowing them to advance to the final round.


Super Mario Maker invitational finale

During the final round, Abdallah and The Completionist were pit against one another in a series of difficult challenges. The Completionist won the first challenge, stepping on a difficult to reach P-switch before heading to the finish line. However, Abdallah sped through the second challenge, collecting 100 coins before heading to the flagpole (and even taunting in the process). The Completionist managed to win the third challenge, finishing the level while riding on Yoshi.

Because he won two of the three objective-based challenges, The Completionist entered the final challenge with a three-second head start. Despite this, Abdallah came ahead near the end, defeating Bowser and reaching the finish. As a result, Abdallah took home the gold at the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational.

Takashi Tezuka, the producer of Super Mario Maker 2, came on stage following the invitational event. He announced that fans may be able to play the levels from the invitational when the game comes out. Super Mario Maker 2 will launch later this month, on June 28.

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