A.N.N.E Coming to Wii U

But how long it takes is upto you!

On the official Kickstarter page for A.N.N.E a post was made stating what if some of the stretch goals were not made.  Gamesbymo stated;

The consoles listed in the stretch goals will happen regardless of if we meet the stretch goals or not. But it will take longer than if we do meet the stretch goals. This could be a good opportunity for the wishful to pledge $15 and up and then when the game comes out on console later, it will be a good reason to explore Planet Gomi a second time!

So regardless if the platforms stretch goal is met or not, it will release on that platform. This is pretty exciting news in terms of commitment to the project. For the remaining 18 hours of the Kickstarter campaign, how much capital is raised by Gamesbymo really will determine how fast you get your hands on A.N.N.E on your platform of choice.

Currently the project is sitting at $90k, with the stretch goal of $140K being the overall target for a Wii U release.

Mark Loughlin