A man has been sent to jail in relation to the Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is often paired with wholesome of people of all ages being able to enjoy its content. That’s why it is a bit interesting to see that someone has actually been sent to prison in a situation involving the Switch. But of course, context is needed. This whole story comes out of Taiwan, where a man is now behind bars due to being a scammer.

This scammer was apparently one part of a group of people who had posted fake listings (some including Switch units) to Facebook. This was done in an effort to prey on desperate buyers hunting for the system in the midst of its scarcity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Switch is in shorter supply, seeing an available unit is definitely going to garner attention. And that’s exactly what this scammer and his accomplices were betting on.

Taiwanese police were able to track down the location of the perpetrator, who had managed to amass over 1.47 million yuan ($207,627 US). It’s unclear how long his prison sentence will be, but nevertheless, it’s just good that he’s been taken off the net; less people now have a lower opportunity of being scammed out of their hard-earned money.

All this being said, just take this story as a reminder to be mindful of online listings for any item. Always check the seller’s history where possible, and see if you can spot any details that might give a warning that the seller isn’t legitimate.

This isn’t the only situation involving Switch-related scams. Some sellers in Japan have been charging more for used units than even new units cost due to buyer desperation. A few weeks ago, listings for Switch units even on reputable sites like Amazon and eBay had risen to absurd heights, such as $500. So, all around, people are trying to make a quick buck using the Switch. While it does show just how popular the system is, this also reveals how nefarious some people can be when given the opportunity.


A.K Rahming
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